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Our company is completely remote. That brings many benefits – work from anywhere, meet people from another side of the world, stay close to your family, and work any hours in the day because we count only your results! We have about 50 creative employees from all over (India, the Philippines, Israel, Czechia, the USA, Spain, Madagascar, and others). If you would like to work in a team where we:

  • care about each other and we trust each other
  • give honest feedback and in return, also be upfront with us
  • we’ll teach you, but won’t micro-manage

Then we might have a job for you!

We are hiring for a freelance Telugu Video Publisher!

Job description

  • The role is responsible to find and upload good quality TELUGU sex videos and write attractive and suitable title, SEO title, video description (50-60 words) and meta description (145-160 characters) for each video. The person should be capable to also add a catchy thumbnail image from the video with a suitable image filename, title and alt text for the video.
  • The content should be written in Telugu font (Eg: తెలుగు సెక్స్ వీడియో) and must be free from any form of errors such as spelling, grammatical errors, etc.


  • Native proficiency in Telugu language.
  • Able to write 100% unique and original contents without plagiarism.
  • Publish 1 video daily (30-31 videos per month). Videos can be posted in advance as well.
  • Decent level of knowledge and understanding of SEO.


  • The salary will be $1 per video post. Payment will be made on a monthly basis through Astropay. You will be expected to publish 1 video daily (30-31 videos per month).

Screening Task

Please complete the task and upload the SEO description together with your application. You can attach the sample in either Word or in PDF file.


Write an erotic title (containing 4-10 words) and a long description in Telugu font (containing 80-100 words) for the video mentioned below. The description should not contain any spelling or grammar mistakes. You can also provide a short (1-2 sentences long) backstory for the video to make it interesting and also change the relationship of the characters (eg: if the video says lovers, you can change it to couple, husband-wife, boss and secretary, neighbour aunty, etc as long as these titles match the appearance of the characters).

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