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  • Part Time
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Our company is completely remote. That brings many benefits – work from anywhere, meet people from another side of the world, stay close to your family, and work any hours in the day because we count only your results! We have about 50 creative employees from all over (India, the Philippines, Israel, Czechia, the USA, Spain, Madagascar, and others). If you would like to work in a team where we:

  • care about each other and we trust each other
  • give honest feedback and in return, also be upfront with us
  • we’ll teach you, but won’t micro-manage

Then we might have a job for you!

We are hiring for one (1) part-time English SEO Videos Publisher. The Writer will work on multiple video sites.

PS: We only want professionally made content!


  • To post 10-15 contents (in this case – videos) per day
  • High-level English fluency (native, or second language)
  • Should have basic SEO knowledge and the ability to do keyword research and optimize the post for the keyword.
  • Should be able to write the content or description with a proper and relevant keyword in mind and optimize the title and content for it.
  • Reliability in communication with the team during the weekdays (Monday-Friday).
  • Be able to perform the tasks with integrity and professionalism


  • $0.8 per video
  • Will be posting 300-450 videos per month. That would mean, earning is approximately $240-$360 per month

Apply now!

! Screening Questions (include your answers in your application notes):

  1. Do you have SEO experience? Please share your SEO background.
  2. Are you open to working on erotica/adult content?
  3. Are you open to completing a pre-screening task during application? (Please answer with YES or NO)

! Screening Task (write and upload on .txt file):

Assuming that you must have a minimum of 25k monthly search volume, please create an erotic description (with 95-100 words each) in English, with a proper and relevant keyword/s. There should also be a proper title for each content.

Link to videos:

Important notes:
– Basically, the keyword/s chosen should be relevant to the video and description you’ll write. You should also include the keyword/s in the title of the sample description content. And most importantly, none of these should look artificial (never use AI). The usage of the keyword should look natural.
– Please double-check for any grammatical and spelling errors before submitting your sample as the requirement is for fluent English language.
– VPN may be required to view the videos, depending on which region.

The Recruiter will reach out to you via email when you’re shortlisted. Please type in your correct email address for easier contact.

Check how we will keep your identity safe here – https://jobs.visualnetsystems.com/about-us/

Upload your screening task. Max. file size: 50 MB.