Why work for us?

Your work will be seen right away by thousands of people. And you can lead the way how the site you work for will look like.

You can work from any place where you have a computer and an internet connection. We work as equals, so you won’t be given any unreasonable orders you will have to follow. Everything has its reason. And if you will have any suggestion or a new idea, we will be glad to hear about it and use it, if it is beneficial for our sites.

Who are we?

Indian Porn Empire (IPE) is a leading adult entertainment company. Our primary and ultimate goal is to provide everyone with the best and one of a kind Indian porn entertainment. Most of our employees are in India, but we have a few of them overseas, so we have an international working environment.

We are the proud creators of Savita Bhabhi – the first Indian comic porn star. We are running Antarvasna the most well-known sex story site in Hindi. Indian Sex Stories, which brings you erotic stories in English and desi daily,  is also our precious site. If you like watching new sexy videos you have to know Indian Porn Videos. Or maybe you’ve already been chatting with our girls on DSCgirls? Here is the list of all our site, so go explore 😉

We are using Visual Net Systems for our communication with the outside world that doesn’t always appreciate the word porn in the URL (I am looking at you Quora). And I like sharing our job offers with as many people as possible.

How do we handle privacy?

We value the privacy of our employees so we keep their identities private. Only the HR and the accountant will know your real name. We are using an alias and special emails that will be used for communication and work and a special working email that is not connected to your real name either.

We’ll provide you with a VPN for all of your work-related activities. That way your work activity is private.

We’ve been working for more than 10 years, we have around 100 employees and we never had any problem with revealing identity.

What about the hiring process?

Now let me introduce myself. My name is Kenzie and I am a Recruiter here at IPE. I am handling all applications and will be talking to you during the whole hiring process.

And how do I work? First, I check all the applications in my email. Sometimes, people only apply for fun, and they never get further. But if you really want to have a chance to succeed, check my article about How not to get hired and avoid it at all costs. Next, I will administer a pre-screening assessment to you for us to gauge if you are capable to do the job. Your screening task will be evaluated by the Hiring Team – that is for checking your skills.

How is training for a new job?

We will pick a name and create an email that you will use for work and then you will get access to the sites that you will work with and our communication tool Slack. I will be guiding you through all of your first steps and you will also get training from your supervisor. If you will work hard and be enthusiastic, you won’t have a problem staying with us. ?

Do you have to know everything about the new job? 

We need you to have the main skills for the job. Like if you want to apply for a Hindi editor, you should know Hindi and how to edit a story. But we can teach you how to work with WordPress. Once again, if you are serious about the job and will be making progress, we will be more than happy to keep you with us.

Do you still have doubts?

Then visit our blog and read some interviews that we did with our employees. They will tell you the best, how it is working at IPE.

Looking forward to your application

? Sharka