Story Editor for Antarvasna (Part-time)

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Our company is completely remote. That brings many benefits – work from anywhere, meet people from another side of the world, stay close to your family, and work any hours in the day because we count only on your results! We have about 50 creative employees from all over (India, the Philippines, Israel, Czechia, the USA, Spain, Madagascar, and others). If you would like to work in a team where we:

○ care for and trust each other
○ give honest feedback and in return, also be upfront with us
○ we’ll teach you, but won’t micro-manage

Then we might have a job for you!

We’re hiring a part-time Content/ Story editor for Antarvasna site.

Job description

  • You will be editing badly written Hindi stories.
  • The raw Hindi stories which you are required to edit will be in Desi/Hindi Unicode/Hindi Krutidev. The edited story (output) must be in Hindi Unicode UTF-8 encoding.
  • The average size of the story will be 2500 words ranging from 1800 to 3000+
  • In case the story is not long enough, you have to write and add erotic content to make it at least 1800 words long.

Salary (non-negotiable)

  • $1.4 per 1000 words.


  • Excellent reading and writing proficiency in Hindi, Hinglish (Hindi+English), and Kruti dev font.
  • Good story editing skills.
  • Being able to edit and deliver 50-60 stories per month.
  • You should be punctual and must strictly adhere to the weekly output requirements.
  • Should be able to deliver at least 100K words per month.
  • Maximum permissible error in deliverables: 1%.
  • Should be well-versed in India and Indian culture.

Screening task

! The candidates will be given a couple of sample stories to edit that will be used for deciding on the most suitable person for this job.

Screening questions (please include the answers when you submit your application)

  1. How long do you see yourself in this kind of assignment?
  2. Can you work with WordPress?
  3. Do you have any editing experience?

Note: Based on your response to the screening questions above, we will be contacting you and providing you with the sample stories to edit.

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