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We are looking for an illustrator for

Job description

  • Illustrate episodes of Velamma, Velamma Dreams, Veena or any other new series on


  • Knowledge of illustrating. Working with tiff files.
  • The closest you are to the current Velamma comics style of illustrations, the better.
  • Illustrate at least one episode per month according to the script.
  • Reliability in communication with the team during the weekdays.


  • Up on agreement (depends on the quality, speed and reliability).
  • Free membership for Velamma comics.

Screening questions

  1. How long do you see yourself in this kind of assignment?
  2. Can you also color the panels?
  3. What are your time availabilities at the moment?
  4. How many working days would it take you to illustrate one episode of around 135 panels (outlines with background, 1380 × 1532px one panel) with colors (if you color) and without colors?
  5. Are you familiar with Velamma comics?

Screening task

  • Send 5 randomly chosen illustrations of yours (3 must include interracial sex between an Indian character and a character of another race).


  • Work on the legendary well known Indian adult comics with a team of creative professionals.

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