Translator (English to Tamil) for Savita Bhabhi and Velamma

  • Part Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

We are looking for a part-time adult content translator to join India’s biggest adult site network.

Job description

  • Translation of Savita Bhabhi & Velamma comics from English to Tamil
  • Currently, we have a backlog of 60 episodes.
  • In the future, it would be 2 episodes per month.
  • Translation of 2 Episodes would require just 10-15 hours per month (max).


  • Good knowledge of Tamil font.
  • To know how to work with TIFF format.
  • To know how to work with a graphics program.
  • Should be natural to read which sounds like a day-to-day conversation
  • Informal Tamil can be used.-Should be creative, interesting to read and have a bit of funny/ element with it.
  • Don’t do an implicit translation of English to Tamil.
  • Replace complex English words with common Tamil words so that even a native reader can understand.


  • $15 per episode

Screening questions

  1. How long do you see yourself in this kind of assignment?
  2. Do you have experience with translation?

Screening task

  • After applying you will be given a few pictures and the intro text to translate.

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